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Opportunities and Threats of Globalization for Governments and Business Organizations

Introduction This paper examines the constraints and opportunities that the government and organizations face as a result of rapid globalization phenomena. The paper argues that the movements in the global market competition and implications of the international free trades on the power and independence of the nation states. The globalization transforming the business methods, personal life standards and political environment of the countries, because the governments need to maintain business and political relationships with neighboring [...]

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Complexities of Globalization

Introduction The objective of this paper is to discuss the consequences of globalisation on our society in terms of crime and human rights. An important aspect to be considered beside the advantages of globalisation is its parallel tribulations which include high crime rate, the issue of human rights, and destructive “race to the bottom” among countries and low level of environmental and labour standards. Globalisation Impact on Society Globalisation is an important phenomenon of today’s [...]

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Loan Alternatives to Finance Business

Many people around us has astonishing business ideas in their minds, but they lack the startup capital to finance the basic infrastructure of their business and realize their dreams. Common man will automatically think about the bank for getting business and personal loans to finance the initial needs of the business. Even if you have an established business, bank loan is very hard to secure. On the other side, the loans from small business financing [...]

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Advantages of Outsourcing Bookkeeping to Professional Firms

The practice of outsourcing the accounting and bookkeeping function in small business is continuously booming in the last decade. Small business owners are profit oriented people and they are becoming more habitual in outsourcing there cost centres and support functions like accounting and bookkeeping. The outsourcing help them to reduce the cost of management, save time in messing with number of people, and reduce the chances of frauds. They can have accurate and reliable record [...]

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