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Learning Curve Theory with Example

What is Learning Curve Theory: Learning curve theory is applicable in the situation where we want to estimate how far the experience and learning of the labour is bringing the efficiency to the production output. The learning curve is used for this purpose which is derived from the time and costs taken to produce the next batch of production. The concept is applicable to the following product items: Complex and produced in smaller batches. The [...]

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High Low Method of Budgeting Analysis

The thing that should be kept in mind is that the success of budgets depends on the extent of accuracy of the revenues and expenses. The budgets are analysed by the various techniques that will be discussed in this topic. The most used techniques are the Learning Curve High Low Method Spreadsheets We will also learn how the expected values are used to derive the ideal combo of profit and risks. Quantitative Analysis of Budgets [...]

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3 Methods of Business Valuation

Business Valuation Quoted and Unquoted Companies , Stocks In this lecture we will cover the business valuation process and the methods/models of valuation of the business/equity/shares/stocks: The term business valuation is defined as the determining the reasonable worth of the business at which it can be valued. The Business valuation techniques are used for shares and stocks of public companies so that investment decision can be made based on the results. In general, Business valuation [...]

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Opportunities and Threats of Globalization for Governments and Business Organizations

Introduction This paper examines the constraints and opportunities that the government and organizations face as a result of rapid globalization phenomena. The paper argues that the movements in the global market competition and implications of the international free trades on the power and independence of the nation states. The globalization transforming the business methods, personal life standards and political environment of the countries, because the governments need to maintain business and political relationships with neighboring [...]

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